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What to Know on How to Survive a Hurricane

A quickly revolving storm that is followed by low pressure position is known as a hurricane which is a form of cyclone. Seventy four mph is the wind speed of a hurricane but before that it is known as a tropical storm. Strong winds, torrential rains and immediate flooding are among the things that are brought by hurricanes. It is therefore important to think of having a survival plan in place if you stay in an area prone to hurricanes. It is therefore important to consider discover more about hurricane especially if you reside in an area prone to it. Among the ways you can use to learn more concerning hurricane is through online research. Since this is something known to be dangerous there are experts who have gathered the right survival tips that you should consider knowing especially if you are staying in a place that it is so much prone. Going through this article will be of great importance to you since you will know some of the hurricane survival tips and other info.

Firstly, to survive hurricane one should evacuate. The first thing you should consider doing if you have enough time beforehand is to evacuate. You should keen everyone together including your pets to be easy to evacuate. There are so many individuals in Florida that headed farther north before hurricane. When you evacuate you should always carry with you things like clothes, medication, cash and cell phone.

The second crucial tip outlined here you should deliberate on to successfully survive hurricane is to take shelter. If you never preferred evacuating before hurricane the best thing you should consider doing is to take shelter. To take shelter means you will should do it two hours before hurricane to avoid cutting it close. It is also important to bring with you a radio with several batteries and especially the disaster kit. The time you will know it is safe is when you should leave your shelter. Going outside during hurricane might not be wise even if the weather seems calm since this might change within a short period.

The third essential tip discussed here after all these outlined above you should consider to survive hurricane is to avoid taking shower or bath during the storm. For safety purposes during hurricane you should not be tempted to bathe and shower. The charge can begin traveling in the piping if your home is struck by lightning which will therefore cause electric charging and this is the reason why you should avoid taking bath and shower during hurricane.