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Tips for Overcoming the Food Addiction

The effects o particular food on the brain make some people unable to avoid them. Food addiction will affect you just like the drug addiction. Food addiction is dangerous because you may find yourself ate a large amount of unhealthy food.

Food addiction is an intense craving for the junk food. There are many indicators that you are addicted to food. Frequent craving for particular food despite you being full and eating the craved food more than intended. You will be guilty eating certain junks but still finding yourself eating them. If you have tried to quit certain food, but unfortunately you have failed, then know you are addicted to food. Here is a what to do if you are food addicted.

The first step is to identify the pressure that makes you eat the food. Ask yourself the physical and social pressure that is making you to overeat. Beside, you should establish whether the pressure is coming from inside yourself or from an external force. Making an action plan is a next thing that you should do after you have identified the trigger.

After you have identified the internal and external things that are triggering you to eat certain foods, the next step is to devise an action plan. Dealing with the food addiction is not an easy things. When you are not able to break the habit; it is essential to seek professional guidance. You get behavioral therapy. It is recommended that you look for a psychologist who specialized in the food addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy is very useful. There are also many online sites such as the Uncrave Rx which will provide you with online advice.


The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any drug treatment for eating disorders. However, medication is also helpful. it is vital to note that medicine should be the last options and it is not guaranteed that it is going to work. Medications are also associated with various side effects. Medicine will target the part of the brain that is affected by the addictive foods. Depression an anxiety are known to cause the eating problems. For such people antidepressants will be very helpful to ease the eating disorder.

If you want to be successful in overcoming the addiction, then you must be honest to yourself. Do not focus on the slips and self-criticism. You should be very careful to people who may influence you to taking certain food that you are trying to avoid. If you were taking twenty pieces of food in a week but now you are eating fifteen, than is an improvement and thus you should reward yourself.

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